Analysis of developer job adverts shows shocking trends in recruitment

They want language-specific coders, not engineers

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Are SOLID Principles mentioned in job adverts?

A light-hearted explanation of scrum

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Tips on things to avoid if you want to increase your chances

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  • Oh dear, this…

Convey the meaning of GOOD in a simpler fashion not principles

Do we need instructions and examples rather than principles?

Simple instructions on a tin of paint — Photo by Article Author (Greg Billington)

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  • BPO is the outsourcing of an essential function, this could be an entire department such as HR or a specific function that is performed e.g. payroll. Often BPO is associated with call centres, customer service and back-office tasks.
  • ITO describes IT outsourcing of some or all of an IT function such as software development…

An approximate guide on how to guess precisely

How to estimate like a Pro!

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Rule #1 — Calculate the result mathematically

Rule #2 — Define more than 5 pieces of data

Pick an SDLC suitable for your size, culture, and requirements

If you only have a hammer don’t assume everything is a nail

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Avoid arguments and chaos from software estimates through careful communciation

AGILE estimation and the confusion it causes

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  • A sharp intake of breath
  • Exclamation of surprise such as “Wow that's more than I expected”
  • Look of horror “How can I possibly tell that to the client”
  • Annoyance “Are you kidding…!!!”
  • Disbelief “No way, You must be joking”
  • The collapse of trust in the relationship with “my son/mother/granny could do it half the time/cost”
  • “Thanks, that is crystal clear, makes sense and is in the ballpark I…

Patterns for making information stick in our brains

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Top tips on how the scrum team should handle short-cut questions for estimates

Accidentally looking good yourself can make the rest of the team look poor

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  • should you estimate at all?
  • story points or hours as a unit of measure?
  • what does a story point mean?
  • who estimates and when?

Scenario — The Sales Team want a quick figure

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