Patterns for making information stick in our brains

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Top tips on how the scrum team should handle short-cut questions for estimates

Accidentally looking good yourself can make the rest of the team look poor

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  • should you estimate at all?
  • story points or hours as a unit of measure?
  • what does a story point mean?
  • who estimates and when?

Scenario — The Sales Team want a quick figure

How to snowball your career onto a positive trajectory

When you are on a high it is time to step off the comfort zone

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Sometimes the devil is in the detail, and the detail is the devil

How to spot why your work relationships are clashing

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Two Types of People

What is your most important software module and is it robust?

Consider using FMEA Failure mode analysis on just 1% of your software

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If you hate documentation but love users perhaps this is a way forward?

Living Documentation

The release note murky gap

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24 Carat software needs more than just a SOLID basis

Can GOLD do for Development what SOLID did for Coding?

Rather than diagrams as code what does code as diagrams offer?

Living Documentation — Part 3

The simplicity of the structure according to Monet

Don’t think you have cracked software quality just by using SOLID

What is good software?

What is SOLID?

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