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The missing piece in the puzzle of the estimation process

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How easy is Living documentation in practice?

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The Goal

To draw an entity relationship diagram (ERD) showing the schema of a SQL…

How to document new designs and reverse engineer existing databases and tables

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What Should Tools Do?

There are several approaches for documentation that depend on the direction of travel, either forwards or in reverse.

Building a developer out of the 5 principles

  • Open/closed
  • Liskov
  • Interface segregation
  • Dependency inversion

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Sin #1 — Not Attending

This one is easy to slip into, especially with remote working. People don’t join the video call at the scheduled time so the meeting start is delayed, after a few days the team simply starts without everyone. This becomes more common and no one follows up, and it isn’t mentioned in retrospectives.

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A few book suggestions to start your management bookshelf

  • Team topologies — A book that builds on Conway's…

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