Greg has published a new book in August 2021

Following a similar approach to Sun Tzu conveying his advice in The Art of War, this book captures a compelling set of best practices for how coders, developers, programmers, and software engineers should write code to ensure a higher chance of success.

The key to success is understanding how…

Some cracking suggestions to start your bookshelf

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Having built up several shelves in my bookcase with technical books over the years as I was sorting them out I thought it would be interesting to arrange them by job role and task. …

The missing piece in the puzzle of the estimation process

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When asked the difficult question of “how long will the project take?” we have to go through several stages. Each stage transforms the question into a different domain that we can solve, and then the final result can be transformed into the units of time and cost the originator wants…

How easy is Living documentation in practice?

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Living documentation is a term used to describe strong coupling between software implementation, design, and its representational documentation. …

How to document new designs and reverse engineer existing databases and tables

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The database schema, architectural rationale, and requirements are all key elements of software documentation but what tools are available to make this easier? Living documentation leverages markdown, parsing, scanning, and dynamic creation of diagrams but what is applicable for the data storage parts of the software?

What Should Tools Do?

There are several approaches…

Building a developer out of the 5 principles

Good software is often described as following SOLID principles and those principles are:

  • Single responsibility
  • Open/closed
  • Liskov
  • Interface segregation
  • Dependency inversion

So if we applied these principles to a software developer what would they look like?

Some common issues that quietly creep up on the team and become accepted practice

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Sin #1 — Not Attending

This one is easy to slip into, especially with remote working. People don’t join the video call at the scheduled time so the meeting start is delayed, after a few days the team simply starts without…

Halfway between good intentions and lost direction are Nimble principles

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Having recently spoken to lots of companies that say they are doing Agile, and having worked at similar places myself, it is clear not everyone is doing the same sort of “Agile”. Now, the strong-willed and driven evangelists call this…

A few book suggestions to start your management bookshelf

Having built up a large book collection I challenged myself to what three books I would recommend to an aspiring or new manager in software engineering.

I came up with these three as they are well-known texts, I often refer to them, and can learn something new or thought-provoking each…

Greg Billington

Technology Director | Passionate about management, development and helping technology teams deliver software projects successfully.

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